Practical exam professional traffic controller and COVID-19

Following the press conference of October 13, several questions about the progress of exams in the near future reach us. We would like to provide you with more clarity in this news item.

We consider it important that the exams take place as much as possible, after all, many people depend on them to find a job and / or being employed in the infrastructure.

Naturally, we want to adhere to the government measures that have been announced. The 1.5 meter measure was and remains leading. In addition, it is important that you can meet outside in groups of a maximum of 4 people.

Trainers must ensure that no more than two candidates are present during their training, but also during the exam moment. In this way we prevent a group of more than 4 people (including trainer and delegate) from being formed. The other candidates can await their exam remotely (for example in their own vehicle or spread over the legs of the intersection). This is and remains the responsibility of the training institute and the candidates themselves.

In addition, we have received questions about limiting travel movements. Obviously that is important where possible. However, since a traffic controller exam cannot currently be taken remotely from home, it is necessary for the delegate, trainer and candidates to go on site. As far as we know, this is practically always done with own transport and not with public transport, for which limiting travel movements is intended in the first instance.

Measures have been agreed for transport escorts, such as limiting the number of people at the locations, during the journey and wearing facemasks.

Candidates who call in sick under the current circumstances can have a new exam booked by the trainer free of charge, as soon as they are able to take the exam again.

The trainer may impose additional requirements on coming together for both theory and practical lessons. Please contact your trainer for this.

As soon as there are changes in our policy regarding the traffic controller exam, we will immediately notify both the trainers and the delegates.