An adaptation internship

Before the start of the adaptation internship transport supervisor must be registered with SVNL, stating:

  • Personal data intern (name, initials, date of birth)
  • Subjects covered by the adaptation period 
  • A copy of the certificates of competence or the training certificates, certified by the competence authority in the relevant State of origin or provenance, entitling the applicant in that State to take up and pursue the same profession as that for which the applicant seeks recognition of professional qualifications
  • The duration of the adaptation period (minimum 9 months, maximum 1 year)
  • If applicable, the additional training that is part of the adaptation period  
  • Work placement supervisor (a qualified practitioner of the profession concerned, appointed by the management of the organization in which this supervisor works)
  • You can send a email to:
  • If approved, the adaptation period can be started.

You must comply with this after approval

An internship report with the following content must be dawn up:

  • Personal data of the intern
  • Details of the internship supervisor and proof of his expertise in the form of an appointment as a transport supervisor.
  • Period of the internship (minimum 9 months, maximum 1 year)
  • The content of the guidance with criteria and objective(s)
  • The internship report per period based on the subjects to which the adaptation internship relates.
  • Results of the internship elaborated in a final assessment based on the set criteria **
  • An interim evaluation must be held every month and this, including the progress, must be submitted to SVNL for assessment.

The entire report, including the result, must be commincated to SVNL as soon as possible and in any case within one month after completion of the adaptation period.

Here you can read more about the set criteria for this adaptation internship.

The registration, the interim reports an the final result can be mailed to