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To be eligible as an employer to apply for national appointments, you must first submit a Bewijs van Opdrachten (BVO). You can then apply for an Aanstellingspas. With the Bewijs van Opdrachten you show that there is work for traffic controllers in several non-adjacent municipalities and not just one province.  This could be:  An invoice Read more
Applications by a municipality In order as a municipality to apply for a professional traffic controller, you must submit a number of documents. The required documents differ per type of application. Below we explain the different requirements for you. Read more
SVNL Check can be used to verify the validity of a traffic controllers appointment. This application can be used to verify both professional and event traffic controllers appointments. We recommend using the application in Google Chrome. We recommend only using devices provided by your employer to protect personal data. For professional traffic controllers An Aanstellingspas Read more
With an appointment, the professional traffic controller or transport escort is officially authorized to carry out professional traffic controlling activities. A valid appointment can be proven with the Aanstellingspas. The card can be applied for by an employer (this includes all companies, freelancers, provinces and transport escort companies) or municipalities. The Aanstellingspas is issued by Read more
Before the start of the adaptation internship transport supervisor must be registered with SVNL, stating: Personal data intern (name, initials, date of birth) Subjects covered by the adaptation period  A copy of the certificates of competence or the training certificates, certified by the competence authority in the relevant State of origin or provenance, entitling the Read more