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Applications for professional traffic controllers To apply for a professional traffic controller, you need to submit some documents. The required documents differ per type of application. Below we explain the different requirements for you. Read more
Before the start of the adaptation internship transport supervisor must be registered with SVNL, stating: Personal data intern (name, initials, date of birth) Subjects covered by the adaptation period  A copy of the certificates of competence or the training certificates, certified by the competence authority in the relevant State of origin or provenance, entitling the Read more
During the professional traffic controller exam, it is determined by the examiner and a delegate on behalf of the police whether a candidate has the necessary skills to practice the profession safely. The candidate is assessed according to the criteria on the assesment form. The delegate forwards the result to the Stichting Verkeersregelaars Nederland (SVNL). Read more
To be eligible as an employer to apply for national appointments, you must first submit a Bewijs van Opdrachten (BVO). You can then apply for an Aanstellingspas. With the Bewijs van Opdrachten you show that there is work for traffic controllers in several non-adjacent municipalities and not just one province.  This could be:  An invoice Read more
A exemption is a document that states permission to use the road in special situations. Your employer can request this document for you.  The exemption will be issued until January 1, 2022, because the current regulation applies until this date.   The exemption applies to all roads in the Netherlands under the conditions stated on the Read more