Deployment of traffic controllers

The various traffic controlling functions may only be used in the designated situations. Read more about the use of the various functions here.

Event traffic controller

An event traffic controller is only deployed at an event. These are always volunteers. The road authority determines which type of traffic controller is deployed. Only certified and appointed event traffic controllers are allowed to participate in an event.

It is not allowed to use an event traffic controller for a company if it is not an event. Professional activities are not an event. The work may then only be carried out by professional traffic controllers.

Professional traffic controllers

If a professional traffic controller is hired to perform the activities during an event, the organizer must close a business agreement with the employer about this. If this is not the case, the professional traffic controller can follow the e-instruction as a volunteer and thus participate in the event. He / she is not authorized to perform more extensive tasks, which he / she might perform in the professional practice.

A foundation can deploy professional traffic controllers if these employees have a contract. The employees must perform activities professionally (not as a volunteer). The Bewijs van Opdrachten (BVO) must be shown for this.

There is no restriction regarding to the education. Anyone can follow it.

Transport escorts

Certain conditions must be met in order to be allowed to escort exceptional transport. With most exceptional transports, the accompaniment of one or more transport escorts is mandatory. These transport escorts must have followed the specific transport escort education and must have passed both the theoretical and practical exam. They must be in possession of a valid Aanstellingspas.