What are the duties of the event organizer?

  • The event organization reports every new event via www.verkeersregelaarsexamen.nl. After approval the volunteers can be invited.
  • The event organization makes agreements with the road manager, usually the municipality, about the use of the road during the event (traffic plan).
  • The road manager and the event organization also discuss the use of traffic controllers. If the municipality stipulates in the permit that traffic control measures must be taken, the organization must deploy traffic controllers. These can be both professional and event traffic controllers.
  • The event organization maintains contact with the municipality and the police about the course of the event.
  • For events that are not limited to one fixed location, such as a cycling race, the organization will make agreements with the competent authority and the police about the diversion of traffic during the event.
  • The event organization provides post and task instructions prior to deployment. This instruction indicates, among other things, what the task of the event traffic controller at a relevant post is, what facilities have been made at the post, what instructions are given at the post, whether cooperation is required at the post and how the post should be left behind. become.
  • The organization must provide for an event insurance that includes liability for the work. According to current legislation, the organization of the event is regarded as an employer in the context of liability. If an event traffic controller deliberately acts differently from the post and task instructions, he is personally liable for this.

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