The Aanstellingspas

With an appointment, the professional traffic controller or transport escort is officially authorized to carry out professional traffic controlling activities. A valid appointment can be proven with the Aanstellingspas. The card can be applied for by an employer (this includes all companies, freelancers, provinces and transport escort companies) or municipalities. The Aanstellingspas is issued by Verkeerscentrum Nederland (VCNL). This is also stated on the Aanstellingspas.

The Aanstellingspas must be carried with you during the activities. A photo or copy of the card is not enough. You can find this in Article 7 paragraph 3 of the Regeling Verkeersregelaars 2009.

Apply for the Aanstellingspas

The Aanstellingspas can be applied for via This request is made by an employer, self-employed person or municipality. Read more about the different types of applications here.

Delivery time of a new Aanstellingspas

We aim to send the Aanstellingspas within 2 days of approval.

Old (yellow) Aanstellingspassen

The old (yellow) Aanstellingspas is valid until the end date stated on the card. You don’t need to apply for a new card for this.

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