Bewijs van Opdrachten

To be eligible as an employer to apply for national appointments, you must first submit a Bewijs van Opdrachten (BVO). You can then apply for an Aanstellingspas. With the Bewijs van Opdrachten you show that there is work for traffic controllers in several non-adjacent municipalities and not just one province. 

This could be: 

  • An invoice (with illegible amounts) showing the above with proof of payment;
  • A signed order form from a client showing the above;
  • A signed letter or message from a client showing the above;
  • A signed agreement regarding the assignment based on the above. 

The assignments are assessed by Rijkswaterstaat. When this has been done, you will receive a message. When approved, you can start applying for an Aanstellingspas.

If you cannot submit a Bewijs van Opdrachten (yet), your assignments will fall under a municipal appointment. For this you can contact the relevant municipality where your assignment(s) will take place. They can apply for an Aanstellingspas with a municipal appointment on

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