Explanation of the use of event traffic controllers and professional traffic controllers at an event

We are currently receiving many questions about the use of a traffic controller. In particular, there is uncertainty about the deployment of a professional traffic controller at an event.

Event traffic controller

An event traffic controller is a volunteer who performs specific traffic control tasks described in the post and task instructions drawn up by the event organization.

To do this, the volunteer must register at www.verkeersregulatorsxa.nl, redeem the participant code (provided by the organizer) and follow the e-instructions. The latter is an online instruction.

Insurance is provided through the organizer/municipality of the event.

Professional traffic controller

A professional traffic controller is professionally trained to perform traffic control tasks.

The powers are more extensive than those of an event traffic controller. The professional traffic controller may only carry out work for the employer on his/her appointment card.

The professional traffic controller is insured through the employer.

If a professional traffic controller is hired to carry out work during an event, the organizer must enter into a business agreement with the employer.

If this is not the case, the professional traffic controller can follow the e-instruction as a volunteer and thus participate in the event. He/she is not authorized to perform more extensive tasks that he/she may perform in professional practice.